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Year End Awards:


Only WWDA members in good standing are eligible for year-end awards. Only those scores earned following payment of the current years dues will be counted. Riders must submit four scores for each award from at least two different judges. Minimum judge education is an L-graduate. Copies of the test covers with judge’s signature, score and date must accompany the awards request. Scores from recognized and schooling shows will be counted for year-end awards.


WWDA will give a champion and reserve champion in each level for riding. The champion and reserve award are for the highest averages for the year.


The show manager chooses the year end awards to be given with approval of the Board of Directors. Awards are given at the annual meeting.


Volunteer of the Year Award: May be awarded to one or more members per year. Nominations should be submitted by Oct. 30 to the vice president. Any member in good standing of WWDA may nominate another member. The Board of Directors will determine how many awards shall be given each year. The show manager determines the award given to the volunteer of the year with approval of the Board of Directors. The award(s) are given at the Annual Meeting.

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