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Clinic Rider Policy:

The clinic series attempts to complement local training by bringing in an accomplished clinician(s) for a number of weekend sessions over the course of a year. The West Wisconsin Dressage Association Education Committee will be responsible for selecting the clinician(s) and finding clinic location(s). The clinic is open to all West Wisconsin Dressage Association members and members will have the opportunity to register first. WWDA members who volunteer at events during the year are given priority in clinics.

The Education Committee will work with the elected officer responsible for the annual budget to determine the budget and fees for the clinic. It is encouraged that there be a non-member fee versus a member fee to encourage membership and participation within WWDA. The Board of Directors of WWDA must make final approval of the clinician and costs. The Education Committee will designate a clinic coordinator who is the primary contact with the clinician for setting the riding schedule, selecting clinic dates, coordinating with host barns, answering questions, collecting fees and verifying needed paperwork including rider waivers are in place.

Auditing is encouraged by both members and non-members. Any fees charged will be determined by the Education Committee and made public on WWDA’s website. Dialogue with the clinician is encouraged between rides or during stretching breaks. Auditors must follow the rules of the host barn and clinician.

Rider Guidelines:

  • Will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Alternates will be given first priority if a rider cancellation occurs.

  • Riders must follow USDF guidelines including helmet use and riding in heeled boots. These may change as USDF regulations are updated.

  • The clinician may at his/her discretion terminate any ride if an unsafe condition exists for horse or rider.

  • Fees are non-refundable.

  • Riders must follow all rules established by the clinician(s) and host barn(s), including any stabling fees.


If WWDA cancels a clinic, a full refund will be issued. If a date change occurs which prevents a registered rider from attending, a full refund will be issued. The rider may cancel with a full refund 30 or more days prior to the clinic start date. If cancellation occurs within the 30 day window, the clinic organizer will attempt to find a replacement based on alternatives from the sign-up sheets. If a replacement is not able to be found by the organizer within one week, then the rider is responsible to find a replacement. If a replacement is found, a full refund will be given; otherwise the rider must cover the cost of the unused ride.

Registration Process: Fill out the sign-up sheet for the clinic of interest at If all slots are full alternates will be chosen from this list. Complete details on forms to fill out will be on the website including the address of the clinic coordinator. 


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